“Previously” in the news

Example collocations

having previously
previously known
previously played
previously served
previously worked

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Publications and example sentences

Sports Illustrated
· Opinion: A New Dawn at Manchester United. How Life Has Changed in Six Months. Now is the Time to Close the Gap.  
These are the attributes previously associated with how Manchester United played the game.
Seeking Alpha
· Revisiting MLP Vs. C-Corp Taxation As Election Day Looms  
The significant reduction of the corporate tax rate following tax reform has shrunk the MLP edge over C-Corps from 8.4% previously, but the difference is still significant.
· Busted! The 4 biggest myths about COVID-19 antibody testing  
And much recent attention has been focused on “antibody testing.” There’s a lot of excitement, because the presence of antibodies in your blood can reveal if you’ve been infected previously with the virus and produced an immune response to fight it off.
Technology Org
· Love-hate relationship of solvent and water leads to better biomass breakup  
The discovery, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, sheds light on a previously unknown nanoscale mechanism that occurs during biomass deconstruction and identifies optimal temperatures for the process.
Liverpool Echo
· Merseyside's garden village dealt blow as developers withdraw plans 'at the last minute'  
Previously, the developer had claimed that the site would only be financially viable if it did not have to include any affordable housing and paid just £725,000 towards infrastructure - despite expecting to make nearly £14 million in profit from the scheme.
Sports Illustrated
· Michigan Target Film Study: Xavier Worthy  
Previously, Worthy has announced a top group of Michigan, Oregon, Alabama, Auburn, LSU and Georgia.
· Covid-19 testing in the US is abysmal. Again.  
As Natalie Dean, a biostatistics professor at the University of Florida, previously told me, “The whole point of this social distancing is to buy us time to build up capacity to do the types of public health interventions we know work.
The Guardian
· Johnny Depp denies hurling phone at Amber Heard during breakup  
The judge, Mr Justice Nicol, has previously agreed that claims of sexual violence in the libel case would be heard behind closed doors.
The Independent
· MPs unite to save ‘critical’ Politics Live programme from BBC axe  
It was revamped in 2018 and given a new title, having previously been known as Daily Politics.
· Germany crisis: Brexit no deal collapse would be 'DISASTER' for Merkel  
Speaking previously at the European Parliament in Brussels, Mrs Merkel said: “One key partner will remain the United Kingdom.