Haberlerde Previously

Örnek kollokasyonlar

having previously Önceden sahip olmak
previously known Önceden bilinen
previously played Önceden çalındı
previously served Önceden servis edildi
previously worked Önceden çalıştı

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Seeking Alpha
· Comp decline 19.5% for Hibbett Sports in FQ1  
Previously: Hibbett Sports EPS misses by $0.12, beats on revenue (May 26)
The Independent
· Coronavirus: Major UK sports events ‘shut down too late’ and it ‘probably cost lives’, says top scientist  
The Jockey Club has previously defended its decision to hold the event by saying that it was following government advice at the time.
· McIlroy hopes Ryder Cup will be moved to 2021  
European Ryder Cup captain Padraig Harrington has previously warned his players that they may have to sacrifice the thrill of playing in front of big crowds for the good of golf fans watching at home.
The Guardian
· One giant leap: meet the new generation of male ballet stars  
The internet has inevitably had a huge impact on this generation of dancers, and on the reach of an art form previously confined to the stage.
Malay Mail
· DAP ex-minister: Najib got it wrong, Socso project for work injuries rehab not in Ipoh Barat constituency  
He added that the centre is envisioned to have state-of-the-art technology such as neuro-robotic technology for spinal cord injury patients where walking again was previously not a possibility, and also proton beam therapy technology to give cancer patients a second chance as cancer is one of the causes for workers to be invalid.
· 'Kind of Blue' jazz drummer Jimmy Cobb dies: US media  
Cobb had already been with Davis for more than a year when the album was recorded and had previously played with Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington when the album was recorded.
The Guardian
· 'A lot of benign neglect’: how Ghana’s social changes are isolating older people  
One thing nearly all of the residents have in common is that they have previously lived, or their children currently live, in the west.Initially, Ocansey’s five younger siblings were not happy about their mother’s move to the home.
The Rio Times
· Brazilian Laboratory Tests Antibodies Against Coronavirus and Issues Certificate  
The individual is required to attend one of the company’s facilities for blood collection, through a previously .
Technology Org
· Modern Problems, Primitive Solutions: A Glimpse into Archaic Protein Synthesis Systems  
Now, a team of scientists reports that a subunit of ‘alanyl-tRNA synthetase’ enzyme of the primitive microorganism Nanoarchaeum equitans can mimic the super-primitive tRNA ‘aminoacylation’ independent of the presence of a special ‘G3:U70’ base pair, a property previously unseen in primitive organisms.
The New York Times
· Keeping Clients Fit During the Pandemic by Going Virtual  
Moreover, he has gotten inquiries from new clients who live out of state — business that he previously would not have been able to accept.