“Priest” in the news

Example collocations

become a priest
high priest
ordained a priest
ordained priest
parish priest

Publications and example sentences

The Guardian
· Time to unlock public libraries  
• Fr Martin Riley (Letters, 28 May) could always go and buy some tights, but first it might be advisable to watch the episode of Father Ted in which a group of Catholic priests are stuck in a lingerie department.David GarnerSouthport, Merseyside
Malay Mail
· Three men including groom issued compounds over Serdang temple wedding during CMCO  
He added the investigation paper was referred to the Selangor Public Prosecutor Office on Wednesday and received the order to compound the temple chairman, bridegroom, and priest at 2.30pm today.
The Age
· Former principal who warned of dangerous priest to sue Catholic church  
But the arrival of paedophile Peter Searson as parish priest in 1984 meant Mr Sleeman's primary focus was to shield his flock from danger.
The New York Times
· Quenching an Ache to Celebrate  
And they had to change the location of the church, from the Incarnation Anglican Church in Tallahassee, Fla., where the couple met in June 2017, to the Christchurch Anglican in Montgomery, Ala., where Mr. Clark is an associate priest.
The Independent
· My big fat cancelled wedding: How to navigate the quagmire of rescheduled nuptials and insurance claims  
This is because although some restrictions may be eased over the coming weeks and months, registrars across the country have said they will only allow three to five people at ceremonies until the at least end of August 2020, which includes the registrar or priest, the bride, the groom and two witnesses.
Financial Express
· Taking urgent steps for cremation of COVID-19 deceased, Delhi govt tells HC  
The bench had also noted that though wood based cremation was permitted, personnel operating the said crematoriums are refusing to take part and there unrest at the Nigambodh Ghat as the staff and priests working there have stopped functioning.
The Guardian
· Pilgrims by Matthew Kneale review – a slyly comic medieval journey  
Warin, a tailor seething with class resentment against “false priests and rich leeches”, is escorting his daughter Beatrix, who has dodged her chore of cleaning out the chickens by becoming “God’s mouthpiece”, producing divine commandments in a croaky voice.
The China Post
· Communion ritual unchanged in Orthodox Church despite virus  
The priest dips a spoon into the chalice of bread and wine, which the faithful believe is the body and blood of Christ, and puts it into the mouth of the first person in line.
The New York Times
· Knights of Columbus Founder, Who Died in a Pandemic, Moves Closer to Sainthood  
Michael J. McGivney, a Connecticut priest who died in 1890 during an outbreak that researchers now believe may have been caused by a coronavirus.
The New York Times
· American Priest Moves a Step Closer to Sainthood  
Michael J. McGivney, a Connecticut priest who died in the flu pandemic of 1889-90 at 38.