Haberlerde Priest

Örnek kollokasyonlar

become a priest Rahip olmak
high priest Başrahip
ordained a priest Bir rahip atadı
ordained priest Atanmış rahip
parish priest Bölge papazı

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· St Swithin’s day legend predicts 40 days of sunshine as UK scorchers forecast  
But by the tenth century, priests moved the bishop’s tomb and a terrible storm soon followed and the legend was born.
The New York Times
· Boeing’s 737 Max Will Return to a Devastated Aviation Industry  
When asked the price he paid, the airline’s chief executive, Michael O’Leary, demurred: “I wouldn’t even tell my priest what discount I got off Boeing,” he said.
Scientific American
· How Galileo Battled the Science Deniers of His Time  
One such contemporary was a Jesuit priest and scientist named Orazio Grassi, who was known to mix it up in print with Galileo on numerous occasions.
The China Post
· Judge denies request to delay Iowa drug kingpin’s execution  
The adviser, a Catholic priest, had asked to delay the execution until after the pandemic recedes.
The New York Times
· A Plague on Your Houses: Reading Covid-19 Into Disease Onstage  
“The hateful plague spreads like a raging wildfire, devouring the city without mercy, emptying homes and filling the streets with moans and wailing and heaps of rotting bodies,” declares a priest in “The Oedipus Project,” Theater of War Productions’ recent reading of scenes from “Oedipus the King,” translated and directed by Bryan Doerries.
The New York Times
· Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and the Catholic Church's Abuse Problem  
A parish priest introduced the affable Mr. McCarrick to the nine members of the M. family, Francis, who was then 11, told me.
· This Saint Laurent Bride Mixed Old Hollywood Glamour and Beautiful Indian Traditions at Her Wedding in L.A.  
“I greeted the priest who pressed his ring finger against my forehead giving me a red third eye symbolizing a blessing and the eye of wisdom for the married woman,” Roma remembers.
The New York Times
· Meet the Man Who Spun the Media, Scammed Followers and Named Himself King  
At his 1850 coronation on the island, he wore the robes of “ancient Jewish high priests” and a crown made of paper and tinsel.
The Atlantic
· Poland's Rulers Made Up a ‘Rainbow Plague’  
I am sorry to say that these conversations were also echoed by a large part of the Catholic Church hierarchy, from parish priests who put Duda’s election posters outside their churches to the archbishop of Krakow—one of Pope John Paul II’s successors in that job—who has spoken of homosexuals as “the rainbow plague.” This rhetoric is not dog whistling, as American political commentators like to say: This is open demonization, an all-out culture war.
· Poland exit polls mean victory for homophobic Andrzej Duda — and misery for LGBTQ people  
In August 2018, the Krakow Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski claimed that Poland was infected by the “rainbow plague,” a move that was interpreted as a signal for other priests to increase anti-LGBT prejudice among Catholics.