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· AMC's Quiz Is a Delicious Retelling of The Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? Scandal  
As the TV chairman who envisions the show, masterfully played by Mark Bonnar (from Catastrophe), puts it, his idea is just a spinoff from the pub quiz, which combines the two things Brits like best: “drinking and being right.” But translated into a glossy new primetime offering, it poses a different kind of diversion.
The Guardian
· BBC local news programming in balance due to budget cuts  
Inside Out, which broadcasts 11 different local current affairs shows in a primetime slot on BBC One, was due to return in September, but the autumn series has now been cancelled.
Financial Express
· Ad volumes on television rose 16% in week 20: BARC-Nielsen report  
Primetime viewership, however, has seen a decline of 13% in viewership when compared to pre-covid levels.
· The Simpsons can now be watched in 4:3 aspect ratio on Disney+, as nature intended  
That meant all 30 seasons of the longest running primetime series would be available in one place — albeit with one major catch.