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The China Post
· One year after mass shooting, frustration in Ohio city  
He said more than 100 interviews have been conducted in that probe.
Malay Mail
· Verdict looms in killing of Lebanon ex-PM Hariri  
The court is billed as the world’s first international tribunal set up to probe terrorist crimes, and it has cost at least US$600 million since it opened its doors in 2009 following a UN Security Council resolution.
Financial Express
· Ram Mandir bhumi pujan: Sanjay Raut says 'important that PM is going, Uddhav Thackeray can go there anytime'  
“So, when the probe is on, the person who is not in the government and not related to it, like me, should not comment about the probe.
Al Jazeera
· Italy inaugurates new Genoa bridge after deadly collapse  
The preliminary probe is due to wind up in October before a trial begins early next year, Possetti said.
· Meat packers ‘forced to deny coronavirus symptoms’, MPs call for answers  
According to the workers the first of two probes by the local health board had been manipulated because they had been told to stay at home.
· Madeleine McCann: Kate’s 'horror' discovery while combing through police files  
The series also probed why more questions were not asked by the Portuguese police of Christian B, a known criminal working in the area who was arrested for theft just one year before Maddie disappeared.
· 'Still A Long Ways To Go' For A New Coronavirus Relief Package  
Sally Yates to testify Wednesday: An old name from the Russia probe is back.
Yonhap News
· (LEAD) Senior diplomat ordered to return home immediately over sexual assault allegations in New Zealand  
The Seoul official said that the foreign ministry had proposed ways to cooperate with the ongoing police investigation in New Zealand within the scope of not waiving diplomatic immunity, such as allowing embassy officials to comply with the probe in written interviews, but Wellington has refused.
· Italy inaugurates new Genoa bridge two years after deadly collapse  
The preliminary probe is due to wind up in October, before a trial begins early next year, Possetti said.
The Japan Times
· Okinawa virus outbreaks ignite scrutiny of U.S. SOFA privileges  
Australia, too, can apply its own quarantine laws to the U.S. military under the U.S.-Australia SOFA, according to Okinawa Prefecture’s probe.