“Proclaim” in the news

Publications and example sentences

Malay Mail
· Amid clashes with Umno, deputy youth and sports minister touts Bersatu as ‘most progressive’ Malay party  
Despite the current clashes between Bersatu and Umno, Wan Ahmad Fayhsal proclaimed that PN is moving in the right direction under his party president and Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s leadership.
· Trump's 'Axios on HBO' interview proves how much he relies on marketing to counter reality  
Planning to win re-election on the back of what he (falsely) proclaims the greatest economy in history, he whistled past the graveyard, repeatedly downplaying the threat.
The New York Times
· Modi Founds a Temple on Mosque’s Ruins, in Triumphal Moment for Hindus  
“The wait of centuries is coming to an end,” Mr. Modi proclaimed.
Liverpool Echo
· Roy Hodgson's brief moment of Liverpool promise and what happened next  
Hodgson complained that his time at Ewood Park tarnished his reputation in his homeland with a domestically-focused audience choosing to overlook his achievements on the continent, boldly proclaiming: “Of course, my track record, if people bothered to study it, would put me in the same category as what [Sir Alex] Ferguson enjoys today, but people don't talk about what I've done outside England.”
Malay Mail
· Voting rights advocate warns not to expect a US presidential winner on Election Night  
Democrats and voting rights groups have pushed voting by mail as a safer option to casting ballots during the pandemic, while Trump and his allies have proclaimed without evidence that expanded voting by mail will lead to widespread fraud.
The New York Times
· Without a Coronavirus Relief Bill, Congress Shouldn't Go On Recess  
The Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, is engaged in a political charade in which he proclaims himself a hapless bystander, buffeted by the whims of the White House on one side and House Democrats on the other.
· Spain's Juan Carlos: Once popular former king goes into exile amid scandal  
Born in Rome in 1938 to exiled pretender to the Spanish throne Don Juan and Maria de las Mercedes de Borbon y Orleans, he was caught up in a power game as Spanish dictator General Francisco Franco proclaimed support for the monarchy while striving to keep a grip on power.
The Wall Street Journal
· The Hidden Danger of Masks  
To resist them “is nothing more than selfish, libertarian nonsense masquerading as a comic-book defense of freedom,” Thomas Friedman of the New York Times proclaims.
The Wall Street Journal
· Trump and Merkel’s Clash Is 30 Years in the Making  
Its Bundestag leader proclaimed on prime-time television: “I can’t get enough of this punishment,” referring to Donald Trump’s seeming insistence that...
Seeking Alpha
· Lemonade: Intriguing P&C Disruptor  
It will be interesting to see if Lemonade’s proclaimed data advantage will allow it to continue this positive trend.