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budget proposal Bütçe teklifi
marriage proposal Evlenme teklifi
proposal to build Inşa etme teklifi
proposal was rejected Teklif reddedildi
rejected the proposal Teklifi reddetti

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· D.C. mayor 'not concerned' about voting going past city-wide curfew  
Once the state signs off on these proposals, the RNC says it will move forward to plan the event in Charlotte.
The New York Times
· Trump Administration Escalates Global Fight Over Taxing Tech  
The companies that are most likely to be affected by many countries’ digital taxes are American technology giants, including eBay and Google, but some proposals could apply to any large companies that do business online, not just tech firms.
The Independent
· Quarantine: Matt Hancock refuses to be drawn on ‘air bridge’ plans to avoid 14 days of isolation  
The travel industry is pressing strongly for the proposals to be dropped, arguing that it will destroy the inbound and outbound tourism markets.
Al Jazeera
· Outrage after peaceful rally tear-gassed for Trump photo-op: Live  
House Democrats are mulling proposals on a number of topics.
· Some senators want to stop police from getting military-grade equipment or weapons  
Though it’s not clear how much support Schatz’s proposal will find across the aisle, at least one Republican got on board: Sen. Rand Paul.
The Independent
· Coronavirus pandemic could delay reforms to social care, health secretary says  
Boris Johnson promised in January to draw up proposals for change to the perennially cash-strapped system by the end of this year and to drive them through by the time of the next election in 2024.
· Europe asks for views on platform governance and competition tools  
This pan-EU legislative proposal, due before the end of the year, is slated to rework the regional rulebook for digital services, including tackling controversial issues such as liability for user-generated content and online disinformation.
The Independent
· Sports court sets November dates for hearing of Russian doping case  
Russian teams and athletes would be stripped of their identity by the Wada sanctions proposal and forced to compete as neutrals at major events such as the Tokyo Olympics and 2022 Beijing Winter Games.
The Guardian
· Forcing MPs back to Westminster betrays the government's real view of parliament  
The procedure committee – the normal origin of sound and sensible proposals about how the Commons should run itself – put forward amendments to the government’s proposals that would have seen virtual participation and remote voting continue.