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· Harlots: Is Harlots based on a true story?  
Prostitution in the 18th century was far more widespread and difficult to prosecute.
Malay Mail
· The federal government should consider a moratorium on prosecution of attempted suicides — Lim Yi Wei  
AUG 5 — This week, yet another attempted suicide survivor was prosecuted and sentenced by the court.
Washington Post
· Croatia marks 1995 blitz; Serb politician there for 1st time  
He condemned war crimes committed against Serb civilians and pledged those responsible will be prosecuted.
· Sally Yates, DoJ Boss At Close Of Obama Era, Due In Senate Hearing Wednesday  
No one has ever been prosecuted successfully under that law, but it was part of another subplot that Trump's allies consider an abuse of power from the Obama era: the leak, to The Washington Post, of the fact of Flynn's conversations with Russia's then-ambassador to the United States.
· Foreign diplomats involved in 22 serious traffic offences in three years  
Thanks to diplomatic immunity, foreign embassy workers cannot be prosecuted if involved in a crime, but the police can register the incident with the foreign affairs ministry.
· Car tax evasion hotspots revealed with this one city recording double the offences  
However, failure to pay the charge could see road users prosecuted and fines increased to a maximum of £1,000.
Liverpool Echo
· Drug smuggler hid Kinder Eggs filled with cocaine inside her body on easyJet flight from Liverpool  
Crown Advocate, Chris Baglin, prosecuting, told the court Carragher later admitted trying to smuggle in 82.4g of cocaine of just over 40% purity.
The Age
· China 'exporting CCP speech controls to Australia' as second university caught in row  
The laws are so broad that they are extra-territorial, meaning pro-democracy sentiment expressed in Australia could be prosecuted in China.
Washington Post
· Pence’s hyped-up claims of ‘voter fraud’ in Indiana  
… In my own state of Indiana in 2012, there was a Democrat super PAC that was involved in our elections, that literally, there was a group of people that were prosecuted for falsifying ballots.