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bankruptcy protection Iflas koruması
environmental protection Çevresel koruma
fire protection Yangın koruması
protection against E karşı korunma
provide protection Koruma sağlama

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· Inheritance Tax: Taxpayer 'fully exposed' as IHT & CGT 'easy hits' after coronavirus costs  
“To mitigate these impacts, lifetime gifts made now either directly or into a trust could offer some protection.
· China disease coverup: Wuhan scientists have ‘defected’ to west and will say 'virus truth'  
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Malay Mail
· Bosnia Muslims mourn their dead 25 years after Srebrenica massacre  
The nine victims were buried in the cemetery of the Genocide Memorial in Potocari, a village near Srebrenica where the base of the UN protection force was located.
Malay Mail
· What trans people need is the license to be respected as human — Justice for Sisters  
In addition, the Malaysian government has received multiple recommendations through the UN process, namely the CEDAW review and the UPR to repeal discriminatory laws and to ensure protection against violence and discrimination, amongst others.
Malay Mail
· Singapore GE: Sengkang residents give reasons why they plumped for WP, including a better connection with its candidates  
History undergraduate Tay Zhi Qian, 24, said: “Since 2015, there’s been plenty of instances of how the Government had used its ‘strong mandate’ to pass controversial laws such as the reserved presidency and Pofma (Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act).”
Malay Mail
· Thousands call on Bulgarian government to resign in anti-graft protests  
The demonstration was organised after the head of a small liberal party was denied access to the coast by armed guards of the National Protection Service, who were protecting Dogan.
The Independent
· Government should suspend restrictions that deny immigrants financial help during pandemic, Scottish ministers say  
“Extensive action to support those with no recourse to public funds has been taken, such as rent protections, the job retention scheme, the self-employed income support scheme, allocating more than £3.2bn to local authorities and £750m for charities to support the most vulnerable.”