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The New York Times
· A Family Cries ‘Justice for Hannah.’ Will Its Rural Town Listen?  
Over the weeks, the rallies for Ms. Fizer tapered from a hundred protesters to a couple dozen.
The New York Times
· American Catholics and the Black Lives Matter Movement  
Statues commemorating Junipero Serra, a Spanish monk responsible for founding several of California’s Catholic missions in the early days of European colonization, have been torn down by protesters outraged by Father Serra’s eager participation in the conquest of North America, including the torture, enslavement and murder of some of the Native Americans he intended to convert.
The New York Times
· Nixon Also Called In the Military Against Protesters  
After Mr. Nixon expanded the Vietnam War into Laos, hundreds of thousands of protesters arrived in Washington for a variety of events.
· How The Portland Protest Story Escalated And Why News Consumers Were Frustrated  
Federal agents disperse protesters near the Mark O. Hatfield U.S.
The Thaiger
· Bangkok casino gunman’s killer surrenders, confesses  
Protesters attempt to “wash away” government double standards
· BBC licence fee horror: Bailiffs could seize pensioners possessions over non-payment  
He said many pensioners had already cancelled their automatic payments with to try to jam TV Licensing’s administration systems rather than put protesters at risk of prosecution by refusing to pay.
The Thaiger
· Police questioned as casino shootout evidence goes missing  
Thai protesters strayed into more sensitive territory Monday night as they added the prickly, and largely taboo, topic of the Thai monarchy to the list of issues to include in their demonstrations.
Washington Post
· Belarus Could Become Europe’s Next Nightmare  
He’d rather not jeopardize this fragile rapprochement with the EU by cracking down too hard on the protesters.
· Kim Jong-un sends emergency aid to North Korean city battling coronavirus lockdown  
READ: Violence erupts in Germany as 20,000 protesters lash out at Merkel's coronavirus measures
· Commentary: The collapsing system behind the Beirut port blast  
In downtown Beirut on Wednesday (Aug 5), protesters threw stones at cars in former prime minister Saad Hariri’s convoy.