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The New York Times
· Strains Show in Russia’s Make-Believe Politics  
“I think many people would allow that he may have been involved in some not-so-honest things,” another protester, Sergei Mamayev, a 33-year-old event organizer, said of the governor.
The China Post
· Mourners pay final respects to girl shot to death in Atlanta  
A front-end loader scooped up burned pieces of the restaurant as well as debris from protesters such as a snack boxes.
· Thousands protest in Jerusalem against Netanyahu  
Many protesters wore masks but did not maintain social distancing.
The Independent
· Tulsa race massacre: Search continues for mass grave site from 1921  
Protesters blocking an exit to the precinct of the officers who arrested Elijah McClain, cover their ears anticipating the use of flash-bang grenades by police in Aurora, Colorado
The Independent
· Writer and editor Bari Weiss leaves New York Times over 'bullying' and 'harassment' from colleagues  
In early June, The New York Times published an op-ed by Senator Tom Cotton in which he called on the US government to use the US military against Black Lives Matter protesters.
The China Post
· Thousands of protesting Israelis call on Netanyahu to resign  
As the demonstrating was ending, there were small scuffles between police and some protesters.
Seeking Alpha
· Retail Worth Zero? A Deep Dive Into Just One Of H&R's Malls  
Should Canada offer refugee status to democratic protesters in Hong Kong (as it should) or a large number of the estimated 300,000 Canadian citizens in Hong Kong flee the looming authoritarian noose, housing demand growth in cities with strong ties to Hong Kong, namely Vancouver and Toronto, will explode and be extreme for years.
· Biden unveils a more aggressive and progressive climate plan  
Biden often found himself facing climate activists at campaign events throughout the Democratic primary season, where he most recently voiced his position to a New Hampshire protester in February that he hears their concerns and that his campaign was “working” on defining more achievable goals.
The China Post
· Philadelphia protesters sue city over tear gas, use of force  
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Three class-action lawsuits filed in Philadelphia on Tuesday accuse the city of using military-level force that injured protesters and bystanders alike during peaceful protests against racial inequality and police brutality.
Al Jazeera
· Russian protesters slam governor's murder charge  
Protesters are rallying again in southeast Russia, in support of a popular regional governor who has been arrested for murder.