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· A pro-Hong Kong resolution at British university failed after Chinese student opposition  
A protester waves the Hong Kong colonial flag during a July 2019 demonstration against the extradition law to China.
· Saluting veterans and coronavirus frontline workers on Memorial Day  
Protesters gathered outside homes owned by the Korian group in Paris, Lille and other French cities in response to a call from several far-left unions.
· China military's Hong Kong garrison has ability to safeguard China, city's security: Commander  
Over the weekend, police fired tear gas and water cannon at thousands of Hong Kong protesters who gathered on Sunday against the proposed law.
· Protesters in Ecuador defy Covid-19 restrictions to march against job and wage cuts  
The protesters wore masks and respected distancing measures recommended against the spread of the coronavirus that has caused at least 3,200 deaths in the country, making it South America's worst hit nation per capita.
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· Boris Johnson's senior adviser refuses to apologise for lockdown breach – as it happened  
Political leaders in Kentucky have condemned rightwing protesters against the state’s measures to fight the coronavirus, after the demonstrators hanged an effigy of Democratic state governor Andy Beshear from a tree.