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Scientific American
· After Being Swallowed Alive, Water Beetle Stages 'Backdoor' Escape from Frog's Gut  
Frogs typically don't defecate so soon after a meal; this hinted that the beetles were actively provoking the frogs to poop, rather than passively waiting to pass.
Washington Post
· Democrats subpoena senior State Department officials in inquiry over firing of inspector general  
The lawmakers have charged that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wanted Linick out because he was carrying out a congressionally requested investigation of administration arms sales to Saudi Arabia, as well as an inquiry — provoked by internal complaints to the inspector general hotline — into the use of government staff for personal errands by Pompeo and his wife.
Washington Post
· 4 former FDA commissioners: Blood plasma might be the covid-19 treatment we need  
J.R. McNeill: Covid-19 will provoke a societal immunity that can protect us from the next pandemic
Sports Illustrated
· Transfer Priorities: For Manchester United, Sancho a Top Target, High-Level Depth Is a Must  
Paul Pogba, recovered from injury, works well with Fernandes and, thanks to the economic uncertainty provoked by the coronavirus crisis, now looks likely to stay at the club.
Financial Express
· China, Australia spar on Twitter over Beijing's actions in South China Sea  
Australian High Commissioner Barry O’Farrell tweeted Thursday that he told India’s Minister of External Affairs that China’s moves were “destabilising and could provoke escalation.”
The Economist
· Family: The battle over birth  
In the 1950s the expectation that you would give birth in a hospital bed provoked resistance.
Scientific American
· We'll Never Fix Systemic Racism by Being Polite  
The effort by public safety commissioner Bull Connor to “dominate the streets,” using barbaric police violence against the demonstrators failed; instead, it provoked even more disruption and larger protests.
Al Jazeera
· Beware of the looming chaos in the Middle East  
And once again, Middle Eastern nations are suffering not only from the incompetence, repression, and corruption of their regimes but also from foolish and reckless US foreign policy which backs autocrats and provokes instability.
The Japan Times
· Lee Teng-hui: An icon of Asian democracy  
In stark contrast to that singular focus and mission, his life was an extraordinary meander, a journey that spanned the political spectrum and during which he delighted in provoking all who challenged him.
· Social media has become the scourge of civilised society: What happened to good manners?  
I can't remember what someone said to provoke that tweet, but it was no doubt one of the usual unpleasant insults I get from random strangers on social media on a daily basis.