Haberlerde Raid

Örnek kollokasyonlar

air raid Hava saldırısı
bombing raid Bombalama baskını
during a raid Baskın sırasında
police raid Polis baskını
raid against Saldırmak

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Washington Post
· Hiroshima’s Enola Gay carried 12 men, hope and the world’s deadliest weapon  
About 6 a.m. in Hiroshima, the air raid siren went off and blared for a full minute.
Washington Post
· FBI raids California home of YouTube star Jake Paul  
The City of Calabasas said in a statement on its social media pages that it was Paul’s home that was being raided by the FBI, which was using the city hall parking lot as a staging area.
The Verge
· Jake Paul’s home raided by FBI with a federal search warrant  
The Federal Bureau of Investigation raided the California home of YouTube star Jake Paul this morning, according to TMZ and CBSLA.
The Age
· 'State of shock': Arrests made in Lebanon as recovery from blast begins  
The warehouse - which has now been replaced by a 140-metre wide crater - appears to have had lax security and little ventilation despite Lebanon's scorching climate and the potential to raid the material for bombs.
· The FBI raided Jake Paul's house for reasons that are not yet clear  
YouTuber Jake Paul's house has been raided by the FBI.
· Vikings season 6 explained: What really happened to Kjetill Flatnose?  
He was the son of Björn Grímsson, and in some sagas he is believed to have lead a Viking raid in Norway.
· Twitter Hacker’s Virtual Bail Hearing Is Hacked by Porn Bombs  
Prosecutors at Wednesday’s court session also revealed that Clark’s premises had been raided last summer, almost a year before the massive Twitter hack, in a separate cryptocurrency investigation.
Liverpool Echo
· Mystery 'air raid siren' noise plagues newcomers to city  
The eerie sound of a wartime air raid siren was widely remarked upon by people living near the River Mersey this morning.
The Diplomat
· Malaysia Police Raid Al Jazeera’s Office, Seize Computers  
Malaysian police raided the office of news broadcaster Al Jazeera and two local TV stations on Tuesday, seizing computers as part of an investigation into a documentary on undocumented migrants that enraged the government.
· Bali sea turtles set free after poacher arrests  
The turtles were among 36 seized after a raid last month that saw the arrest of several suspected traffickers -- who could face five years behind bars if convicted under Indonesia's wildlife protection laws.