“Raise” in the news

Example collocations

help raise
order to raise
raise awareness
raise funds
raise money

Publications and example sentences

Seeking Alpha
· Electric Vehicle Subsidies Are Unsustainable  
These policies effectively raise the prices of ICE vehicles in order to subsidize the sale of luxury cars for the rich, as well as depressing automaker profits.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· King or Queen  
Not all farms raise livestock or produce.  Copy example sentence
The Age
· 'Farcical': Drug testers the only exception to AFL's strict quarantine rules  
The issue was to be raised at an AFL general managers of football meeting on Thursday.  Copy example sentence
· Amid pandemic, investors bet on India's Jio and its giant-killer playbook  
And, over the past six weeks, the digital business of Ambani's Reliance Industries Ltd, known as Jio Platforms, raised a striking US$10 billion from global investors.  Copy example sentence
Seeking Alpha
· Steadfast, Greedy Or Fearful? Strategies For Responding To Extreme Market Volatility  
Under these assumptions, the short-term spike in volatility would only raise 25-year expected volatility from 18% to 18.5%.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· Zoom plans to exclude free calls from end-to-end encryption  
Eric Yuan, the company’s CEO, raised alarm among privacy advocates on Wednesday by saying Zoom planned to exclude free calls from end-to-end encryption so as to leave open the possibility of working with law enforcement.  Copy example sentence
Al Jazeera
· 'Wuhan is safe': City tests 10 million, finds little coronavirus  
Together, these efforts raised Wuhan's daily testing capacity from 300,000 to more than one million, she was quoted as saying.  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· Boris Johnson urges other countries to pledge billions of pounds to fund vaccinations in world’s poorest countries  
Summit aims to raise at least £6 billion, to immunise 300 million children by 2025  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· Coronavirus: Former MI6 head claims pandemic ‘started as accident’ in Chinese laboratory  
He added: ”It raises the issue, if China ever were to admit responsibility, does it pay reparations?  Copy example sentence
The Japan Times
· ‘Forgiven Children’: No clear-cut truths to a child’s crimes  
True, tears flow and voices are raised, but there is also a legal, moral and psychological complexity that reflects the messiness of reality, in which storybook endings have no place.  Copy example sentence