Haberlerde Ratify

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BBC Sport
· League Two: Northampton Town and Colchester United to restart group training  
Fourth-tier sides chose to end the season in an indicative vote on 15 May but it has still to be ratified.
The Diplomat
· Afghanistan Has Another Power-Sharing Deal. Can This One Last?  
District councils would complete the quorum for a Loya Jirga that will be required to ratify a possible deal with the Taliban, while mayoral elections will improve service delivery and pave the ground for decentralization of power.
The Atlantic
· There’s No Historical Justification for One of the Most Dangerous Ideas in American Law  
It must be the meaning that the public—and in particular, the delegates to the state ratifying conventions—would have assigned to the Constitution’s spare text.
Financial Express
· Labour law suspension: Uphold India's international commitments, ILO expresses deep concerns to PM Modi  
India has inked many conventions with ILO which commensurate with the existing legal system and laws of the land.A country can ratify a convention with ILO after putting in place all provisions mandated in its laws and legal framework.
Malay Mail
· Malaysia not keen on Philippines Asean Para Games, already focusing on Vietnam edition  
As such, PCM is of the opinion that the Asean Para Sports Federation (APSF) board of directors should immediately confirm and ratify the cancellation of the 2020 APG, regardless of the new proposal.
The Guardian
· Fumbling the nuclear football: is Trump blundering to arms control chaos?  
The Senate never ratified the 1996 Comprehensive Test Ban treaty, which – partly as a result – has yet to come into force.