Reach в новостях

Пример словосочетания

able to reach В состоянии достичь
did not reach Не достиг
failed to reach Не удалось достичь
not reach Небогатый
reach the final Дойти до финала

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Публикации и примеры предложений
The Economist
· World in a dish: Why sourdough went viral  
In the northern reaches of the continent sourdough is often made with 100% rye flour.
The Wall Street Journal
· Turkish Lira’s Borrowing Cost Shoots Up on Offshore Markets  
The interest rate attached to so-called swap transactions, which allow one party to obtain lira for a short period in exchange for dollars, reached 1,000% in annualized terms on offshore markets, according to analysts and traders.
Financial Express
· Now AI will assess credit risk of small businesses as UK’s Wiserfunding enters India to tap MSME market  
Wiserfunding will look to invest $3-5 million over the coming three years to tailor credit risk models for SMEs “to reach an accuracy level above 80 per cent,” the company said as “the available models in the lending sector are not specific to SMEs, are largely non-technology based and have low prediction accuracy.”
The Guardian
· GB sevens captain sounds warning for entire game over RFU's swingeing cuts  
The Olympics is the biggest opportunity we have to reach people and to encourage them to get involved in the game.
Washington Post
· Three things to consider before kids resume playing sports, according to a physician  
It will probably take six weeks or more for them to reach their prior fitness levels.
The Age
· Governments told to spend more as Victorian restrictions drag down national economy  
The bank believes unemployment, which the federal Treasury only a fortnight ago forecast to peak at 9.25 per cent by December, will reach 10 per cent by year's end and take at least two years to gradually fall to 7 per cent.
Seeking Alpha
· Video game stocks look to ride lockdown boost to new console release  
Our “focus on connecting more players across more platforms will continue, as we … expand support for cross-play, and reach more platforms with our games – including the next-gen consoles coming later this year,” EA CEO Andrew Wilson said in EA’s earnings call last week.
· Argentina announces debt restructure deal with creditors  
Recession-hit Argentina announced on Tuesday it has reached an agreement with three major creditors over the restructuring of a $66 billion debt as it seeks to solve its latest sovereign default crisis.
Washington Post
· BP Thinks It Knows More Than You About Clean Fuel  
New Chief Executive Officer Bernard Looney is adamant that BP has tremendous assets to bring to bear in the transition — teams of scientists, project-management skills, global reach, close customer relationships.
Sports Illustrated
· Giants-Rockies Preview  
He is hitting .333 in the first 11 games, has reached base 25 times -- most in the majors -- and he hit his third homer of the season on Monday night.