Rebuild trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

began to rebuild Bắt đầu xây dựng lại
decided to rebuild Quyết định xây dựng lại
help rebuild Giúp xây dựng lại

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Các ấn phẩm và câu ví dụ
Malay Mail
· Sane reports early for first Bayern training session since move from City  
Both Suele and Sane are rebuilding lost fitness after being sidelined for months by knee ligament injuries.
Malay Mail
· Installing a brand new roastery during a Covid-19 lockdown? Singapore's PPP Coffee did it in pursuit of the sweetest cup  
PPP Coffee embarked on the restoration in 2018, rebuilding the machine in the UK and only completing the task this year.
Sports Illustrated
· Top Five Moments in Washington Football History  
Coach Pardee, who was confident in his coaching abilities, preferred a quick turnaround and hoped to rebuild the program with veteran players.
The New York Times
· These Are the Deutsche Bank Executives Responsible for Serving Jeffrey Epstein  
While the bank may not be legally obligated to name those responsible for the Epstein relationship, it should do so to rebuild public trust, said Brandon Garrett, a professor at Duke Law School and author of “Too Big to Jail.” “When a company does something seriously wrong, then accountability is all the more important,” Mr. Garrett said.
BBC Sport
· Garth Crooks' team of the week: Sterling, Martial, Pope, Antonio, McGoldrick  
As for the Canaries, their season is over and rebuilding for next season starts now.
The Guardian
· Once Upon a Time in Iraq review – a gripping, harrowing masterpiece  
The country was destroyed, the infrastructure gone, with no thought as to how to rebuild.
· How Stress Can Cause a Loss of Appetite—And 5 Ways to Handle It  
If this is the case, begin the process of rebuilding your appetite by identifying your stressors.
Washington Post
· Royals skipper Matheny to see ex-team in early exhibition  
Royals players were effusive in their praise for the way Matheny related to him, and the energy the 49-year-old manager brought to the club resulted in a different feel for a young clubhouse in the early stages of what could be a long and difficult rebuilding process.
The New York Times
· The Massacre That Destroyed Tulsa’s ‘Black Wall Street’  
Dr. Robert R.A. Turner, pastor of the Vernon African Methodist Episcopal Church in Greenwood, a church which was all but destroyed in the fires and rebuilt shortly after.
Sports Illustrated
· How Are The Browns Leading the League in Cap Space Despite Paying Out So Much in Salaries?  
Say the Browns had $50 million in cap space in 2016 after tearing the team down to the studs to rebuild.