“Reckon” in the news

Publications and example sentences

The Guardian
· Half of Britain is broke - and the other half is richer than ever  
GoCompare reckons UK drivers spent £267m less on petrol during the strictest phase of the lockdown.
The Guardian
· The High Note review – a romantic comedy without romance or comedy  
It’s sad to see Harrison, who has shown himself a force to be reckoned with in earlier movies, get landed with this dull schlock.
The Guardian
· Fulbright scholarships are not a panacea for the world's ills but an avenue of hope  
Although the pandemic has wiped these issues off the front page, we will still need to reckon with them one day.
Malay Mail
· CMCO food delivery: Get PJ's famous Taman Bahagia Kedah-style 'asam laksa', 'mee Jawa' and much more  
I reckon the noodles are kept light in taste as it leaves room for you to order their Teochew snacks.
The New York Times
· Why George Floyd Won't Be the Last American Killed by the Police  
We must reckon with the reality that the police are part of the problem and stop investing money, power and legitimacy in them.” Josie Duffy Rice, the president of The Appeal, tweeted:
The Atlantic
· The Karen in Chief  
Any company or individual thinking of imposing even mild accountability measures on Trump—it’s hard to overstate how minimal Twitter’s fact-check was—has to reckon with what response he might offer.
The Guardian
· Why did so many people die of Covid-19 in the UK's care homes?  
The National Care Forum, which represents charitable providers, reckons at least 200,000 tests are needed daily to properly track infections, not the 30,000 promised by the DHSC.
The Economist
· Brexit: Deadlock looms at Brexit talks next week  
A new study by the UKinaCE team reckons that, compared with the status quo, it would lower GDP by 8.1% after ten years.
The Economist
· The wisdom of the forest: Antonio Bolívar died on April 30th  
The rubber barons who had destroyed his family and much of the region in the early 20th century had been only the bloodiest in a string of invaders and exploiters going back, he reckoned, to Columbus’s time.
The Economist
· Private equity: Will covid-19 halt the rise of private equity in Europe?  
Even so, Mr Huth reckons PE might largely be able to weather the crisis.