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The Guardian
· Covid subs could aid cricket's safe return but replacement rules must remain strict  
It was a very poor idea, which was reckoned to favour the team winning the toss as well as removing the captain’s perennial dilemma and the authorities had the good sense to ditch it quickly.
The Age
· NRL 2020 LIVE: Brisbane Broncos v Parramatta Eels at Suncorp Stadium  
Reckon the man might have come up with it himself.
The Age
· Computer says no: NRL blocks photoshopped cardboard cutouts  
Enough to even get a laugh out of Kim Jong-un, you'd reckon.
The Guardian
· Hammerson allows chief a long goodbye despite big wrong calls  
But the larger office portfolio was reckoned to have risen by 2%.
Financial Express
· ‘Aatmanirbhar’ package for agriculture: Sowing half-reforms  
I would reckon this is as a combination of contract farming and futures markets.
Seeking Alpha
· Kohl's Is In Trouble  
Analysts reckon Kohl’s will lose a lot of money this year, which totally makes sense.
The Guardian
· Being warned not to perform donuts outside English Heritage properties  
And Ole Gunnar Solskjær reckons Manchester United’s recent experience of playing in a silent stadium (if only there was an obvious gag – Fiver Ed) will help them when football in England resumes.
The Age
· Claims of Andrews 'arrogance' on delicate China ties just might stick  
Daniel Andrews and Tim Pallas reckon they could do a better job managing a relationship with China than the Commonwealth with all its foreign affairs, international trade and security expertise.
Seeking Alpha
· Ferrari Isn't What It Was  
Where I think investors may want to be concerned is with Ferrari’s share of Formula 1 revenue, which Forbes reckons was $426 million in 2019.
The Independent
· The 40 best song lyrics, from Kendrick Lamar to Kate Bush  
“He says he reckons I’m a watercolour stain/ He says I run and then I run from him and then I run/ He didn’t see me watching from the aeroplane/ He wiped a tear and then he threw away our apple seed.”