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oil refinery Refinería de petróleo
sugar refinery Refinería de azúcar

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Seeking Alpha
· Shell to idle SRU at Deer Park refinery in 2021  
Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.A +2.5%) says it plans to idle a sulfur recovery unit at the joint venture Deer Park refinery on the Houston Ship Channel in Texas in 2021.
The Guardian
· Iran denies latest blast reports and accuses west of disinformation  
Iran has acknowledged there have been a number of explosions over the past three weeks at key sites including nuclear facilities and oil refineries, but it has not yet conceded that the incidents could be deliberate attacks.
Seeking Alpha
· Mubadala set for exclusive talks to buy major Petrobras refinery  
Abu Dhabi's Mubadala Investment fund will enter into exclusive talks with Petrobras (PBR +0.2%) to purchase the Rlam refinery, the second largest in Brazil, according to a securities filing.
The Guardian
· Chris Grayling's track record? There is no track: just a stretch of scorched earth  
Chris Grayling would bankrupt the company and boil the wrong guy, and in any case blow up the entire oil refinery in the process.