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administrative reform Reforma administrativa
government reform Reforma del gobierno
land reform Reforma agraria
local government reform Reforma del gobierno local
social reform Reforma social

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The Independent
· Egypt is backed into a corner over the Nile dam – it may have no choice but to go to war  
If he gives away too much away, however, his government could possibly be thrown out by the people or by disgruntled generals who oppose his democratic reforms, seen by many as reckless.
The Japan Times
· Trump and Putin by the book  
His popularity has been fading fast, owing to declining living standards and his regime’s failure to pass meaningful reforms.
The Age
· Victorian clubs won't be damaged by exodus: Kennett  
Kennett said the state had rebounded in the '90s, having reforms and then growth.
· China row: Beijing lashes out at EU and UK over 'unhelpful scapegoating' as tensions erupt  
Speaking at a Centre for European Reform webinar, the Chinese ambassador to the UK urged European leaders to cooperate in the global fight against coronavirus.
Washington Post
· Diversity job openings fell nearly 60% after the coronavirus. Then came the Black Lives Matter protests.  
Top CEOs endorse calls for police reform, another sign of momentum on the issue
The Guardian
· University of New South Wales to cut 493 jobs and merge faculties  
“I have listened and understood their views, and will ensure these are fed into the broader discussion on tertiary education reform.”
Financial Express
· India set to make PDS location independent: NITI Aayog CEO at UN forum  
”Our structural reforms in taxation, FDI regime, and insolvency and bankruptcy have contributed to this improvement,” he said.
· Congress Is Investigating Contracts Tied To Mask And PPE Shortages  
The Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, which is a subcommittee on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is meant to play a central role in the House oversight of the more than $2 trillion economic relief package known as the CARES Act.
The New York Times
· ‘Coming Out of the Woodwork’: Black Lives Matter in Small-Town America  
While the street protests have tapered off in most places, newly minted activists in small towns are still discussing plans for new events or standing in the back of otherwise empty City Council meetings to make their demands for police reform.
· Questions remain over pension changes as MPs back Koolmees plan  
Sweeping changes to the pension system have been backed by MPs, but questions remain about how the reforms will work in practice.