Refuse trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

not refuse Không từ chối
refuse collection Từ chối thu
refuse to accept Từ chối chấp nhận
right to refuse Quyền từ chối

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Seeking Alpha
· 5 Ways To Buy A Stock That Will Make You Rich (Very Slowly)  
For years, many investors refused to invest in FANG stocks (Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX), Google (GOOG)) because they couldn't convince themselves to buy shares of companies that already had huge runs.
The China Post
· OP. ed. | Taiwanese hair brands should be more inclusive  
In 2000, Chastity Jones, a working black woman, refused a job offer when she was told she had to cut off her natural hair to be employed.
The Age
· Minogue avoids Queensland hotel quarantine, as Premier declares NSW hot spots  
This means anyone who has visited or come from these areas in the past two weeks will be refused entry into Queensland.
· 'Empire' actor Bryshere Gray arrested, accused of assaulting his wife  
“Empire” actor Bryshere Gray was arrested Monday morning in Arizona and is accused of assaulting his wife and refusing to talk to police for hours, authorities said.
· Rugby: 'Magic' UAE takeover of second-tier Beziers falls through  
PARIS: A proposed takeover of second-tier club Beziers by an unknown UAE-based investor has failed after French rugby's financial watchdog (DNACG) refused to validate the deal on Monday (Jul 13).
The New York Times
· Millions Have Lost Health Insurance in Pandemic-Driven Recession  
Ms. Murray and other Democrats have also called for the federal government to provide financial assistance to help workers who are laid off maintain their coverage through COBRA, and to give states that have refused to expand Medicaid an incentive to do so, by increasing the federal share of the cost
The Age
· Queen's secretary offered Kerr advice ahead of dismissal  
In this letter, dated October 2, Sir Martin asked whether one option was for Sir John to give his assent to the supply bill even if the Senate refused to pass it.
Malay Mail
· Will Facebook completely ban political ads in days before this year's US election?  
Even since then, Facebook has refused to fact-check ads.
The Independent
· France gives health workers €8bn in pay rises in response to coronavirus efforts  
Pressed by Sky News to commit to a pay rise for NHS staff on the service’s anniversary, health secretary Matt Hancock refused to commit to a pay rise, but said health workers would be “rewarded”.
The New York Times
· Ted Cruz Was Seen on a Flight Without a Mask. His Office Says He Followed Airline Policy.  
American Airlines announced in mid-June that it would require passengers to wear face coverings while on board its planes and that it would deny boarding to passengers who refused to comply.