“Regard” in the news

Example collocations

especially with regard
high regard
little regard
not regard
without regard

Publications and example sentences

· Zion Williamson granted stay on improper benefits inquiry  
While Zion Williamson's appeal was granted Thursday afternoon on a Florida judge's decision that he should answer questions regarding whether or not he accepted money and gifts to influence his decision to attend Duke, he may still eventually find himself under oath.
Yonhap News
· Volleyball star Kim Yeon-koung nearing return to S. Korean club  
Kim, widely regarded as South Korea's greatest volleyball player ever, made her professional debut with the Pink Spiders in 2005 and played four seasons with them.
The Guardian
· Church of England disowns ruling on Irish epitaph on gravestone  
In his ruling, Judge Eyre, who also sits as a recorder in crown and county courts, concluded: “Given the passions and feelings connected with the use of Irish Gaelic there is a sad risk that the phrase would be regarded as some form of slogan or that its inclusion without translation would of itself be seen as a political statement
The China Post
· Precautions to follow during Kaohsiung Mayor’s recall vote  
Voters also need to avoid posting on social media regarding the recall vote election, as any opinion that is posted in relation to the election could potentially be meant to sway the general public’s vote, the statement added.
Seeking Alpha
· Greenback Remains Soft Ahead Of Employment Report, But Reversal Possible  
Still, the news was regarded as old, and the euro extended its gains to almost $1.1385, the highest since March 10.
Seeking Alpha
· Hermitage Offshore Services - Sell The Rally As Debt Restructuring Might Be Ahead  
Particularly the statement regarding a potential sale of the company's fleet is concerning as under current market conditions, proceeds would likely be insufficient to cover Hermitage's $141.6 million in long-term debt.
The Rio Times
· Prosecutor General’s Office Indictment Against Rio Governor Has Flaws and Shortcomings  
In addition to the hospitals, there are suspicions regarding Wilson Witzel's relationship with entrepreneur Mario Peixoto, arrested two weeks earlier in Operation Favorito.
· WP chief Pritam Singh urges more transparency on Singapore’s fiscal health, ground involvement in policy-making  
Mr Singh also asked if Mr Heng could give more details regarding a comment that the deputy prime minister made in an interview with CNA, in which he said Singapore's financial position will be a lot weaker in the coming years.
Seeking Alpha
· Orphaned Silver Is Finding Its Parent  
On Comex, the bullion establishment does not regard gold and silver as money, just an idea to suck in the punters.
The New York Times
· Why Most Americans Support the Protests  
A similar trend has occurred over the past few years with regard to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the agency responsible for enforcing the country’s immigration laws.