Regard в новостях

Пример словосочетания

especially with regard Особенно с учетом
high regard Высокая оценка
little regard Мало внимания
not regard Не касается
without regard Без сожалений

Публикации и примеры предложений
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In fact, the market is so small that there are no publicly available forecasts regarding market size.  Copy example sentence
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Let me answer your first question in regards to margin and Tianhua will answer your second question.  Copy example sentence
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Coming into force five years later, the Act sought to “prevent discrimination, as regards terms and conditions of employment, between men and women”.  Copy example sentence
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It said the prime minister “regards this issue as closed.”  Copy example sentence
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The Sett End was closed in 1990 as a mood of anxiety descended regarding police infiltration and surveillance.  Copy example sentence
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A consequence of this in weaker businesses is that “employees experience a high degree of ambiguity regarding what is being expected in their organisational lives, which produces a wide variability in the workplace attitudes and behaviours displayed”.  Copy example sentence
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You may face some strain on the work front or regarding colleagues and neighbours.  Copy example sentence
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Business Council of Australia policy director Jess Wilson, who is a former staffer to Josh Frydenberg, is regarded as a frontrunner.  Copy example sentence