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other religious
religious beliefs
religious freedom
religious groups
religious leaders

Publications and example sentences

Financial Express
· MHA blacklists 2,550 foreign Tablighi Jamaat members; bans entry into India for 10 years  
The action has been taken by the home ministry after various state governments provided details of the foreigners who were found to be illegally living in mosques and religious seminaries across the country.
The Independent
· Fish and Chip Day: The Jewish history of a British food institution  
Therefore, for Portuguese Sephardic Jewish people fleeing the Inquisition in the 16th century, eating fish on Shabbat help them conceal their true religious identity.
· A triple whammy of crises tests Trump's support ahead of November's election  
This week, Trump’s calls for a crackdown on nationwide protests over police brutality have drawn rebukes from civil rights advocates, religious leaders, opposition Democrats and some fellow Republicans.
The New York Times
· A Would-Be Netanyahu Nemesis Snipes From the Sidelines  
He briefly upended Israeli politics, teaming up with center-left politicians in hopes of reeling in the power of ultra-Orthodox rabbis, who hold a state-sanctioned monopoly over matters like marriage, divorce and religious conversions.
· Rutte’s recognition of ‘systemic problem’ of racism is a watershed moment  
‘There are people in the Netherlands too who are judged not on their future but on their past, their background, who are spoken to not as individuals but because of the group they come from, not for their behaviour but for their religious beliefs.
The Independent
· The Crown: Who was Princess Alice and did an interview with the media really change public perceptions of her?  
Around this time, Alice became deeply religious and began to act strangely, including making claims that she had received divine messages.
· Trump's re-election chances pummeled by his handling of protests  
President Trump is confronting the most dire political environment of his presidency, with his support dropping fast from Texas to Wisconsin, even among his base of religious and older voters.
Financial Express
· Arunachal Pradesh witnesses spurt in COVID-19 cases  
The first case was reported on April 2, after a 31-year-old man from Lohit district tested positive for the virus following his return from a religious congregation in Delhi.
The Atlantic
· Don’t Fear the (Career) Reaper  
The fear of literal nonexistence through death is addressed by many philosophical and religious traditions.