Religious trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

other religious Tôn giáo khác
religious beliefs Tín ngưỡng tôn giáo
religious freedom Tự do tôn giáo
religious groups Nhóm tôn giáo
religious leaders Giáo trưởng

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Seeking Alpha
· CATH: What The 'Catholic S&P 500' ETF Excludes Vs. Overweights  
Judging by the percentage of assets in faith-based ETFs, relative to the percentages of Americans who are religiously observant, it seems obvious that a large percentage of even relatively religious Americans do not see the need to limit their ETF purchases to those aligning with their religious beliefs.
The Independent
· ‘We do not want to end up like Leicester’: Blackburn holds its breath after spike in Covid-19 cases  
Council workers have meanwhile been visiting local religious and community centres to spread the message, and providing advice to smaller shops as to how they can protect their customers.
The New York Times
· Rev. Vickey Gibbs, Activist in a Progressive Church, Dies at 57  
As a nation, she told them, “We have not had our Pentecost moment,” referring to the religious belief that, after Christ’s ascension, the Holy Spirit descended on his disciples to begin Christianity’s mission in the world.
Washington Post
· We all live in bubbles. It’s time to burst them.  
I read a lot about my own religious faith, Christianity, and especially Roman Catholicism.
Washington Post
· Where states reopened and cases spiked after the U.S. shutdown  
Beginning May 15, some small shops and all religious organizations were allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity provided proper social distancing restrictions are followed — and local governments also say it is safe.
The New York Times
· Waiting for a Covid-19 Vaccine, and Worrying About It  
I wholeheartedly agree that the approach needs to change, engaging social and religious leaders as well as medical professionals.
The Independent
· ‘Her life is going to be hell’: Inside the ‘notorious’ Brooklyn prison Ghislaine Maxwell will remain until her trial next July  
Approved religious material, such as a Bible, could also be allowed for the inmate.
Washington Post
· Trump administration, congressional Republicans eye tying school aid to reopening in next funding bill  
Republicans also plan to include funding for families who want to attend private or religious schools, according to several people familiar with the planning.
Washington Post
· Protecting the U.S. asylum system means saving lives. Here’s how you can help.  
AsylumWorks’ clients became targets in their countries of origin because of their work to advance the principles that define America: democratic governance, women’s rights, ethnic and racial equality, religious freedom, LGBTQ rights and free speech.
The New York Times
· The Sims Is Bringing Its Inclusive Spirit to TV  
“I grew up in a very conservative, religious home; my mom was super strict and over my shoulder a lot, and when I started playing the Sims I would show her this happy typical family with a white picket fence,” he said in an interview last week.