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· These are the most common questions women ask during pregnancy  
Morning sickness remedies
The New York Times
· A Different Cold War  
Sheet-pan dinners are the perfect remedy for midweek cooking exhaustion: This recipe for gochujang shrimp and green beans takes only moments to put together.
· Eczema treatment: £1 oil you must use before bed to protect against dry and itchy skin  
Coconut oil is one of the best natural remedies for eczema symptoms.
Sports Illustrated
· SI All-American Michigan Wolverines Football Recruiting Commitments And Targets  
In order to remedy those issues, the Wolverines have condensed their recruiting board a bit given the lack of space.
Technology Org
· New $3.7M grant to support research exploring mysterious link between cancer, HIV/AIDS  
Previous research has shown certain remedies can neutralize the effects of the exosomes, also known as vesicles.
Sports Illustrated
· Oklahoma State Really Needs to Play Football, Odds on Who They Might Open With  
The remedies to having unfunded financial obligations are significant and would require us to explore options that may include operational reductions or eliminations, layoffs, and even elimination of sport programs.
The New York Times
· Former V.A. Nursing Assistant Is Charged in Deaths of Seven Patients  
Veterans Affairs hospitals, which treat nine million patients annually, have struggled with a number of issues involving management and care that have sent Congress searching for remedies.
· China accused of ‘propaganda’ and ‘disinformation’ over COVID in scathing Japanese report  
The report highlighted online claims the virus was brought to China by a US military member, or that Chinese herbal remedies could treat the disease, a defence ministry official said at a briefing.
The Atlantic
· Roger Stone Can Be Tried, Again  
The majesty of the law is that it is supple enough to provide a remedy for this grave action.
The New York Times
· Summer Reading Contest Winner, Week 3: On ‘NASA Names Headquarters After Its First Black Female Engineer, Mary Jackson’  
This article proved to be a remedy to much of my confusion.