Renege trong tin tức

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· China Threatens Response After U.S. Sanctions Over Crackdown On Hong Kong  
However, Beijing has slowly eroded those freedoms and reneged on promises for more representative government in Hong Kong.
· China threat: Beijing plotting massive territorial gains - with warning issued for Taiwan  
Nevertheless COVID-19 should not be an excuse for NATO member states to renege on spending commitments made at the Wales Summit in 2014.
Malay Mail
· Dr Mahathir: Party hopping is fine but what befell Pakatan is ‘intolerable’  
They said that they are fighting to bring down this kleptocratic government, and now they are going to join these kleptocrats and I think this is reneging on the promises to the people, which makes me unable to go along with that.
The Independent
· An empire at home: the pitfalls of being brown in the NHS  
This process, of reneging on the promise of full inclusion for Commonwealth migrants, continued and became more open in the coming decades, with ever tighter immigration rules from the 1970s – which is when my parents first landed in the UK.