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The Age
· History doesn't travel in a straight line: Why Michael Holding had to deliver his four-minute BLM masterpiece  
The two sides of Adam Goodes’s career, the lash and the backlash, continue to be replicated for those, like league’s Latrell Mitchell and Cody Walker, who have worn their political hearts on their sleeves.
The Guardian
· Fifth of vulnerable people considered self-harm in UK lockdown  
“What you notice from face-to-face meetings, and even if you try to replicate that online, I would not be confident to say that it is reliable.”
Liverpool Echo
· Liverpool news and transfers LIVE - Thiago Alcantara 'decision', Kalidou Koulibaly anger, Burnley reaction  
Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp have been here before with a transfer dilemma and their previous choice could be replicated
Seeking Alpha
· Book Review: Smart(er) Investing  
Otherwise, the reported results will likely be impossible to replicate in practice.
· Coronavirus update: The supplement that may reduce COVID-19 lung inflammation  
Additionally, the paper reported that CBD can increase the production of interferons, a type of signalling protein that can prevent viruses from replicating.
The Guardian
· 'We are all Martians!': space explorers seek to solve the riddle of life on Mars  
“It is still not understood how the first replicating metabolising structures that we’d call ‘alive’ arose,” said Astronomer Royal Martin Rees.
The Guardian
· Missing lynx: how rewilding Britain could restore its natural balance  
As Martin Fowlie of the RSPB points out, this can also save time and money, by replicating the expensive and time-consuming habitat management work that is normally carried out by staff and volunteers.
· Inventor of Israel's Iron Dome seeks COVID-19 'game-changer'  
With the nation facing surging coronavirus cases amid a pandemic that has triggered unprecedented economic hardship, Gold is trying to replicate his Iron Dome breakthrough in protecting Israel against the virus.