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Washington Post
· The Energy 202: Biden pleases some once leery liberals with new climate plan  
In 2016, Republicans attacked Clinton for her comment that “we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business,” though Clinton was suggesting this would happen because of market forces, not as part of her plans.
The New York Times
· Biden vs. Trump: Live 2020 Election Updates  
With Tommy Tuberville defeating Jeff Sessions to be the party’s Senate nominee in Alabama, Republicans are now focusing on two closely watched races next door.
· Congress is running out of time to extend expanded unemployment insurance  
This inertia is the result of an ongoing impasse between Democrats and Republicans on the subject.
· Tom Hanks describes the different coronavirus symptoms he and Rita Wilson suffered  
Stephen Colbert mocks Republicans' flimsy excuses for avoiding Trump's National Convention
Washington Post
· This is what national decline looks like  
Trump’s attacks on mail voting are turning Republicans off absentee ballots.
· Texas Democrat MJ Hegar To Face Cornyn; Maine's Sara Gideon Will Challenge Collins  
Collins, seen as one of the few moderate Republicans in the Senate, has frequently seemed reluctant to back Trump administration policies, only to ultimately vote with the White House.
Malay Mail
· Asian markets mostly up on vaccine, stimulus hopes  
Providing added support was optimism the US would add to its stimulus after reports said top Republicans were reconsidering their opposition to it, including on extending supplemental unemployment benefits.
The Guardian
· Healthcare is Trump's Achilles heel. Republicans don't get it  
Five million Americans have lost their health insurance in a pandemic - yet Republicans are still trying to end Obamacare