Research trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

research and development Nghiên cứu và phát triển
research interests Sở thích nghiên cứu
research project Dự án nghiên cứu
research projects Dự án nghiên cứu
scientific research Nghiên cứu khoa học

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· Black hole discovery: Planets 3,000 times the size of Earth could form around black holes  
But now new research, led by Keiichi Wada of Kagoshima University, suggests planets could form around a black hole.
Seeking Alpha
· Energy Recovery's VorTeq - A Game Changer For The Fracking Industry  
Source: Fearnleys Research
Seeking Alpha
· COVID-19 May Fix GE's Long-Term Care Problem  
If you enjoyed this article, please scroll up and click the follow button to receive updates on my latest research covering the airline, auto, retail, and real estate industries.
Financial Express
· Graded multi-level institutional response kept COVID-19 cases, deaths per million low: Harsh Vardhan  
Vardhan also said the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) built make-shift hospitals capable of housing 1,000 patients, with an additional 100 ICU beds were built in a record 10 days.
· Not easy eating green: Herbivores most at extinction risk  
Duke University conservation scientist Stuart Pimm, who wasn’t part of the study, said his problem with Atwood’s research is that it doesn’t take into account the immense importance of geographic range, which is key for predators.
Washington Post
· Haunted by a weeks-long coma, author Caroline Leavitt found solace in writing ‘With or Without You’  
When I started writing this book, I did a lot of research with a friend, Joseph Clark, who’s a researcher in neurology at the University of Cincinnati, and he was telling me amazing things.
Seeking Alpha
· August 2020 Stocks - Financials, Real Estate, Industrials, IT And Pharma  
Investors are required and expected to do their own due diligence and research prior to any investment.I own the European/Scandinavian tickers (not the ADRs) of all European/Scandinavian companies listed in my articles.
The Independent
· Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors call for disarmament 75 years on from nuclear attacks  
The modernisation of nuclear warheads continues, with the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) estimating that there are still 13,000 nuclear weapons in the world.
· A new study finds that giving kids deworming treatment still benefits them 20 years later  
Some research suggests that such campaigns may be some of the most important public health interventions in the world.
Scientific American
· Two Decades of Pandemic War Games Failed to Account for Donald Trump  
This included funding for research on emerging infections.