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local resident
population are resident
resident foreign
resident foreign nationals
resident population

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· Starbucks Says Customers Must Wear Masks At Its Cafes  
Several states have already mandated that residents wear masks in public spaces like coffee shops because of the coronavirus, though many still have no such requirement.
Washington Post
· Anne Arundel to require masks in some outdoor public spaces  
It’s part of two new initiatives he announced that are designed to protect residents from the coronavirus and address economic hardships the virus is creating.
Washington Post
· Maryland fines four nursing homes for universal testing violations  
Larry Hogan to test all residents and staff for the novel coronavirus and report the results to the state.
Malay Mail
· Coronavirus records in Florida, Texas and California erode hopes of economic revival  
Stephanie Porta, 41, a lifelong Orlando, Florida resident, said only about half the shoppers at her grocery store wore masks, although that was more than she saw two weeks ago.
The Wall Street Journal
· New York City Focuses Coronavirus Testing on Areas With High Number of Positive Cases  
New York City’s health officials are pushing coronavirus testing across the city and prioritizing neighborhoods with lower testing rates, as they work to stem the spread of the virus that has killed more than 20,000 residents since the spring.
Washington Post
· Metro board to consider making bus rides free for low-income residents  
The Metro board on Thursday asked its staff to look into proposals for free or reduced-fare travel for low-income Metrobus riders, adding momentum to initiatives by D.C. officials to provide residents with free transit.
The New York Times
· Like ‘A Bus Accident a Day’: Hospitals Strain Under New Flood of Covid-19 Patients  
He said nursing homes have refused to accept residents back unless they have tested negative, a period that could take days.
The Independent
· Man who flies Nazi flag from his car to show he is in ‘total opposition of Black Lives Matter’ claims he was attacked because of it  
Another resident, Nycki Koch added: “Sometimes when I see it I think, ‘Oh my God, what is happening here'.”
Washington Post
· Investigation rebukes Commerce Department for siding with Trump over forecasters during Hurricane Dorian  
In response to calls from panicked residents who saw Trump’s tweet, NOAA’s National Weather Service forecast office in Birmingham, Ala., indicated in a tweet of its own that Alabama was not at serious risk from the Category 5 storm.
Washington Post
· We are risking our lives  
I have been a Virginia resident and have voted there for more than 30 years, but I consider myself a Washingtonian connected with Maryland and the District in many ways.