“Resort” in the news

Example collocations

last resort
resort town
seaside resort
ski resort
summer resort

Publications and example sentences

· Protests still going across New York as near curfew nears  
He then praises black South African citizens for rising up in opposition to the racist apartheid policy, noting that it was their last resort.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· Record numbers used UK food banks in first month of lockdown  
Ifan coordinator Sabine Goodwin said: “Our food bank figures paint a grim picture of what is unfolding across the UK and the numbers of people having to resort to emergency food parcels to survive.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· William Barr, George Floyd Protests, Birdsongs: Your Tuesday Evening Briefing  
is in negotiations with Disney to restart its season in late July by bringing its players, coaches and staffs to ESPN Wide World of Sports, a sprawling, 220-acre complex at the Florida resort.  Copy example sentence