Haberlerde Resort

Örnek kollokasyonlar

last resort Son çare
resort town Tatil beldesi
seaside resort Sahil beldesi
ski resort Kayak merkezi
summer resort Yazlık

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Nor is it acceptable for our police — sworn to protect and serve all people — to escalate tensions or resort to excessive violence.
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During the coronavirus lockdown in the Philippines capital, Manila, thousands of essential workers have resorted to bicycles - after public transport was shut.
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The new expanded wording reflects Russian concerns about the development of prospective weapons that could give Washington the capability to knock out key military assets and government facilities without resorting to atomic weapons.
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Alibaba has to resort to the VIE structure in order to list in the U.S., having being rejected from the stock exchange in Hong Kong as it was seeking an IPO due to its dual-class share structure.
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“I would hope,” she said, “that’s a last resort — and not something they’re pursuing this early in what we expect to be a long financial crisis and recovery.”
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Vice-chancellor John Dewar, in a briefing to staff on Tuesday, said the university had “no money tucked down the back of the sofa’’ and that unless they agreed to a 10 per cent salary reduction, La Trobe would resort to forced redundancies.
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China’s government has long maintained strict limits on free speech and activism, and the authorities often resort to aggressive tactics to quash unrest.
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In Indonesia, Islamists immediately resorted to their default position: blaming the Chinese community.
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would give the resort a much-needed shot in the arm.