Resort trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

last resort Phương sách cuối cùng
resort town Thị trấn nghỉ mát
seaside resort Khu nghỉ mát ven biển
ski resort Khu nghỉ dưỡng trượt tuyết
summer resort Khu nghỉ mát mùa hè

Các ấn phẩm và câu ví dụ
· World TeamTennis picked Greenbrier so fans could watch live tennis  
World TeamTennis said on Wednesday it had several options for where to stage its 2020 season but selecting the Greenbrier resort in West Virginia was an easy decision as it was the only site that could include fans amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· Walt Disney World to reopen in July after coronavirus shutdown  
Earlier this month, Shanghai Disneyland became the first of Disney’s theme park resorts to reopen, with severe limits on the number of visitors allowed in, mandatory masks and temperature checks.  Copy example sentence
· Las Vegas casinos given green light to reopen next week  
Nevada Public Radio said casinos are drawing up plans to lure tourists back to Sin City by offering free parking, steep discounts on rooms or waiving resort fees.  Copy example sentence
· HBCUs work to return to sports amid new coronavirus  
So far, schools in the SWAC have avoided the salary cuts, furloughs and elimination of sports that institutions elsewhere have resorted to as the coronavirus shut down sports.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· Oh No, Here Comes the Transportation Hellscape  
If people continue to be wary about their safety on buses, trains and subways, and commuters who can afford it resort to driving themselves, navigating cities might become impossible.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· Sweaty Scrums? How Rugby May Adapt to Return to Play  
The league said earlier this week that it would hold a three-week season beginning on July 12 at the Greenbrier resort in West Virginia.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· Disney World Set to Reopen in July  
The Florida resort attracts 93 million visitors annually but capacity will be limited, face masks will be mandatory and you won’t be able to hug Mickey Mouse.  Copy example sentence
· How do you get Americans to wear masks on vacation? Gentle persuasion.  
Walt Disney World Resort Theme Parks announced Wednesday it would reopen the Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom on July 11 and EPCOT and the Hollywood Studios on July 11; departures on the Disney Cruise Line have been suspended through June 18, according to an earlier company statement.  Copy example sentence
· Disney plans phased reopening of Disney World on July 11  
By the numbers: Disney's parks and resorts sector, its largest business, saw a 10% decrease in revenue from the previous quarter.  Copy example sentence