“Restore” in the news

Example collocations

attempt to restore
help restore
order to restore
restore order
restore peace

Publications and example sentences

The New York Times
· Sweden’s Ex-Ambassador to China Is Tried Over Secret Meetings on Detainee  
The Chinese government has repeatedly argued that Mr. Gui is a Chinese citizen, saying that he applied to restore his citizenship in 2018 and implying that he would give up his Swedish citizenship.
The Age
· Bellamy's bunny: Storm beat Souths and Bennett again  
At least until Cameron Smith restored Melbourne's lead with his own version seven minutes after.
Sports Illustrated
· DFW Death of A Youth Sports Prodigy - And The Murder of A Broken Heart  
Dr. Mayo momentarily restores a faint pulse and blood pressure through blood transfusions and by manually massaging his heart.
Seeking Alpha
· TransMedics: A Medical Device Company Creating A Healthy Ecosystem  
Organ donation is the best outcome for patients in need as it is the most effective way to restore health and extend life.
The Guardian
· This week's home entertainment: from I May Destroy You to Betty  
(12) (Steve James) 171 minsThis mammoth 1994 basketball documentary was restored for its 25th anniversary last year, and now goes to streaming.
· Parliament passes Fortitude Budget, 4th package of COVID-19 relief measures this year  
MPs Foo Mee Har and Tin Pei Ling had asked during the Budget debate if the Government would restore the amount drawn from past reserves.
The Independent
· Coronavirus: EU wants all borders re-opened by the end of the month  
The 27 member states will discuss how to restore freedom of movement as the pandemic abates across the continent, with many EU countries no longer reporting daily coronavirus deaths.
The Japan Times
· The U.S. presidential election: Four surprises, four challenges  
If Biden is elected, he will attempt to restore America’s engagement with the world and cooperate globally to combat the new coronavirus and to develop more export markets to create jobs.
The Verge
· What a speech controversy at Stanford tells us about Facebook’s Oversight Board  
In fact, Facebook has said from the beginning that initially the board will only restore posts that the board concludes it has removed in error.
The New York Times
· Live Coronavirus Updates: Bleak Picture of Academic Loss  
“The park has been able to restore itself,” said Chananya Kanchanasaka, a national park department veterinarian.