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retail outlets
retail price
retail space
retail store
retail stores

Publications and example sentences

The Guardian
· White shelled eggs are selling in Tesco for the first time in 40 years  
“None of our standard retail customers stock white eggs so we are really grateful to Tesco for stepping in as the white eggs would have gone to waste.”
The Guardian
· Extra UK bank holiday in October 'could boost economy by £500m'  
On Monday, McWilliams said: “This year it would be quite likely that the boosts to spending in [retail, hospitality and catering] from an extra bank holiday after a period of enforced abstinence might well be double the usual boost, adding up to as much as £440m.
The Age
· The world's most followed stock index is set for a drastic makeover  
Less appreciated is the impact of four dozen company ejections over the last three years, deletions that centred on retail, industrial and energy companies, which have struggled the most during the virus.
Seeking Alpha
· Weirdly, Intu Might Be Saved By The Lockdown  
Note that this is about Intu Properties, The British retail property company, not Intu the American software firm.
Seeking Alpha
· Facebook's Announcement Is A Long-Planned Head-On Attack On Amazon  
(Source: Retail Ecommerce Sales Worldwide 2017-2023)
Seeking Alpha
· Breakouts Mostly Averted, So Far  
It finished the week near CAD1.40 after the risk appetites waned, and despite a much better than expected March retail sales report when excluding autos (-0.4%, less than 1/10 of the decline anticipated by economists).
Financial Express
· OMCs' profits seen diving 88% to Rs 3,600 crore in FY20  
Retail fuel prices had risen in Delhi on May 5 reflecting the hike in state VAT, and have remained unaltered since then.
Financial Express
· Tasty pursuits! What consumers are turning to when restaurants are shut  
“Since they are going to remain closed for some time, these brands will have to leverage e-commerce and traditional retail to further their reach,” he adds.
Financial Express
· Brand loyalty no more? Regional brands take larger pie in times of Covid  
Though private labels will find more shelf space in retail outlets, they will have to jostle for attention among the big brands.
Seeking Alpha
· Hercules Capital's 11.8% Yield: Despite Price Plunge, Less COVID Susceptibility  
While some lenders with large investment exposures to highly stressed industry sectors such as energy, retail, aviation, travel and leisure are facing dramatic reduction in cash flows and large-scale interest deferments by borrowers, Hercules is less susceptible to the COVID-related downturn because of its considerably high exposure to industry sectors such as life sciences and technology.