Retail trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

retail outlets Các cửa hàng bán lẻ
retail price Giá bán lẻ
retail space Không gian bán lẻ
retail store Cửa hàng bán lẻ
retail stores Cửa hàng bán lẻ

Các ấn phẩm và câu ví dụ
The Guardian
· No, Australia is not the US. Our shocking racial injustice is all our own  
This week the retail figures for April were released showing our spending fell 17%, and our spending on clothes and footwear fell 54% – meaning in April we spent the same amount on clothing as we did in 1995 when our population was 30% smaller.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· 'A ghost town': retail business in Australian airports in lockdown limbo  
In response to the plummeting foot traffic, Sydney Airport has offered rental deferral and “rental holidays” to retail businesses, in addition to other measures including the reduction of its contractor workforce by 50%, which its chairman, Trevor Gerber, told shareholders in May allowed the airport to “guarantee” its 500 employees’ jobs until the end of September, and provide mental health services to staff.  Copy example sentence
Seeking Alpha
· Bears May Have To Be Patient  
Concretely, traders take a direction and push prices beyond all reason in one direction until we see (1) most weak hands (retail investors) and active benchmarked managers capitulate and buy/sell into the market momentum, and (2) we get some sort or real world news event (however lame) that sparks a reversal in the trading algos.  Copy example sentence
Financial Express
· New York State records lowest number of COVID-19 deaths, hospitalisations  
The first phase of re-opening allows construction, manufacturing and wholesale supply chain, retail for curbside pickup and drop-off or in-store pickup, and agriculture, forestry and fishing to resume operations.  Copy example sentence
Financial Express
· Crisil affirms Yes Bank Rs 18k crore bonds rating at BBB  
“However, the ability of the bank to limit further deposit outflow, and to build a strong retail liabilities franchise and a stable and sound operating business model with strong compliance and governance framework over the medium term, needs to be demonstrated,” said the Indian arm of the S&P Global.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· Jobs in cafes and shops may never bounce back – and ministers must address this  
This time the worst-hit sectors will be leisure, travel, tourism, hospitality and retail.  Copy example sentence
Seeking Alpha
· U.S. IPO Weekly Recap: 8 IPOs Mark The Busiest Week Yet For The IPO Market  
Leading on-demand retail and delivery platform in China.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· Europe’s big two kiss and make up for pandemic rescue deal  
“In retailing, you already have a lot of threshold prices: items that currently cost €99 are hardly going to go on sale for €97.50.”  Copy example sentence
Financial Express
· Canara Bank cuts in repo-linked lending rate by 40 bps  
All new retail loans (housing, education, vehicle), credit to MSMEs are linked to RLLR.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· What Life Without Baseball Looks Like  
But while Major League Baseball pays the players and coaches, the rest of a minor-league franchise is largely local and self-sustaining; it’s kept afloat primarily by retail, sponsorships and ticket sales.  Copy example sentence