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retaliation against

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The Verge
· If you see the cops, start recording  
If you are worried about retaliation for posting your video, ask a friend who can do it safely, or contact a journalist who may be able to distribute it while protecting your identity.
Yonhap News
· (LEAD) S. Korea conducted Dokdo defense exercise this week  
Bilateral relations between Seoul and Tokyo have remained badly frayed since Japan enforced the export curbs last July, seen as retaliation against the South Korean Supreme Court's 2018 rulings that ordered Japanese firms to compensate Korean victims of forced labor.
The New York Times
· Police Misconduct Records Are Secret. Protests May Finally Change That.  
They arose at the insistence of police unions, which sought to protect officers from efforts to discredit their testimony on witness stands as well as various forms of retaliation.
The Independent
· America’s Got Talent: Gabrielle Union files discrimination complaint against NBC  
Gabrielle Union has filed a complaint against the producers of America’s Got Talent on NBC, which alleges she experienced discrimination, retaliation and harassment during her time on the show.
The New York Times
· What Students Are Saying About the George Floyd Protests  
And by violence I mean the underlying racist ideals that was ingrained in our societies and the retaliation of authorities that use the same police and military brutality to oppress the voices of truth …
· Ethena raises $2 million in seed funding for smarter anti-harassment software  
Victims, for a variety of reasons, often don’t report due to fear of retaliation or inaction.
The China Post
· Union files complaint against NBC, ‘America’s Got Talent’  
The complaint filed with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing says Union was harassed and discriminated against because of her race, and experienced retaliation for reporting these problems.
The China Post
· Sheriff: Will of ‘Tiger King’ star’s missing husband forged  
In retaliation, Maldonado-Passage raised questions about Lewis’ disappearance.
Seeking Alpha
· May 2020 Market Commentary: Digging Out Of A Deep Hole  
As of the time of this writing, China's retaliation appears to be measured although it is reported that China reduced their imports of U.S. soybeans.