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The Independent
· New York City has already had more shootings in 2020 than in the whole of 2019  
“As the shootings continue, so will retaliation.
The Guardian
· 'We are being gaslit': College football and Covid-19 are imperiling athletes  
In response, they declared, “We as a football community assert our right to protect, preserve, and make decisions with regard to our own personal health and safety and now demand that we are able to do so without consequence in terms of reduction, or cancellation of scholarship benefits, or retaliation from coaches and faculty in any shape or form.”
The New York Times
· Israel Says It Hit Bombers on Syrian Boundary  
No special restrictions were placed on Israeli civilians living in the Golan Heights or northern Israel, indicating that the military was not anticipating any immediate retaliation.
The New York Times
· Will Congress Act on Covid Soon? ‘I’m Not Optimistic’  
That morning, The Washington Post published an op-ed article Vindman had written in which he condemned the president for his “campaign of bullying, intimidation and retaliation.”
Washington Post
· Her family reunion feels unsafe. But her 98-year-old grandma wants her there.  
O’Quinn was going to speak about how he fled Mississippi as a child after his father was murdered, a crime that — according to family lore — was committed by the Ku Klux Klan in retaliation for hosting NAACP meetings.
Financial Express
· COVID-19 vaccine: In race against time, vaccine developers look beyond conventional technologies  
Coronavirus has thrown a challenge before the human intelligence and a prompt, as well as effective retaliation, must come in the form of COVID-19 vaccine.
The Japan Times
· How Tokyo sees Pompeo’s ‘Communist China’ speech  
Most conservative dailies, while agreeing with what Pompeo had proposed, only urged both China and the United States to stop further retaliation.
The Independent
· A silent extinction: Elephants, rhinos and giraffes among endangered species facing fresh threat during global pandemic  
Habitat fragmentation and increasingly rampant forest fires, set intentionally for land clearance by farmers and ranchers, are a growing threat to jaguars which are also targeted in retaliation when they come close to livestock.
· Democrats warn GOP: Don't fill a Supreme Court vacancy in 2020 or we'll retaliate  
Some progressive activists have been pressuring Democrats for months to expand the Supreme Court if they regain power, in retaliation for the GOP blockade of Obama nominee Merrick Garland in 2016.
Al Jazeera
· Israel army hits squad 'placing explosives' along Syria frontier  
Al Jazeera's Harry Fawcett, reporting from occupied West Jerusalem, said it was unclear whether the incident on the Syria border was a Hezbollah retaliation to the recent attack or an unrelated incident.