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able to retrieve
order to retrieve

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Washington Post
· Advice from a woman who survived covid-19, the 1918 flu — and cancer  
Also in the 1980s, she fell on the edge of a swimming pool while trying to retrieve a frog from it.
· CNB officer jailed 18 months for switching man's urine sample  
Muang was told to retrieve the bottle from behind the dustbin in the cubicle, provide his own sample but pour it into the toilet sink, and bring Hafiz’s sample out of the toilet.
Al Jazeera
· Asylum seekers in Mexico suffer following Hurricane Hanna  
As part of the clean-up effort, Emelia Valle, an energetic 52-year-old Guatemalan woman, waded into pools of deep water to retrieve sunken belongings, while dozens of small dark snakes slithered through the muddy waters around her.
· Threat to Florida eases as Isaias slated to remain tropical storm  
The craft splashed down on Sunday afternoon in a decidedly calm Gulf of Mexico - hundreds of miles west of Isaias's track - and was successfully retrieved by SpaceX's specialized GO Navigator vessel.
The Independent
· Nasa astronauts safely drop into sea after pioneering SpaceX mission to International Space Station  
The crew will spend up to an hour floating inside the capsule before joint recovery teams from SpaceX and NASA retrieve them for a helicopter trip ashore.
The Verge
· SpaceX’s Crew Dragon successfully returns NASA astronauts back to Earth  
The Shuttle crew commanded that the flag could be retrieved only by the next crew of astronauts who launched from the US, sparking perhaps the most epic game of Capture the Flag — with respect to time and distance.
· NASA Astronauts Poised to Re-Enter Atmosphere on SpaceX Dragon  
The ocean landings come after a 45-year splashdown hiatus and hark back to NASA’s Apollo program, which saw astronauts plop into the Pacific Ocean to be retrieved by ships.
Seeking Alpha
· ERAMET S.A. (ERMAF) CEO Christel Bories on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
That's the result of the crisis in the aeronautics sector and also because clients now don't come in to retrieve the parts they've ordered from us as quickly as that.