Retrieve в новостях

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able to retrieve В состоянии получить
order to retrieve Заказ на получение

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Washington Post
· Districts go round and round on school bus reopening plans  
Districts are designating rooms where sick or potentially sick children can be isolated until their parents can retrieve them.
Washington Post
· With his camera, Gordon Parks humanized the Black people others saw as simply criminals  
One indelible image was of a short, stocky worker in a morgue, a cigarette dangling from his mouth, bending down to retrieve a shooting victim covered in a white cloth.
The Independent
· Virgin Atlantic: What does the airline filing for bankruptcy mean for travellers?  
The application for bankruptcy protection has no direct implication on the quest for retrieving money.
· 75 years on, Japan bomb survivors make final pleas for abolition  
All they could retrieve were a few metal items that survived the flames -- a belt buckle, a key and part of his wallet.
· Korea to Review Freeze on Notes Tied to Singapore Firms  
KB Securities will do its best to protect investors and retrieve clients’ money as soon as possible, a spokesperson said by phone, confirming the freeze on withdrawals.
Seeking Alpha
· Beyond Meat, Inc. (BYND) CEO Ethan Brown on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
To provide some context on what this undertaking entailed, these activities primarily involved costs associated with retrieving finished goods products from third-party storage facilities, transporting them to our own and our co-manufacturing partner's facilities for repacking, direct labor and holding fee costs associated with the physical repacking itself, installing new retail packaging as well as disposal of the original foodservice packaging and transportation back to our warehousing facilities.
· Palaeontologists pull remains of 10,000 year-old woolly mammoth from Siberian lake  
Approximately 90 percent of the animal has been retrieved during two expeditions.
The Independent
· Mammoth skeleton thought to be 10,000 years old found in Siberian lake  
Russian scientists are studying the well-preserved remains of a woolly mammoth thought to have lived 10,000 years ago, after it was retrieved from a lake in Siberia last month.
· Dozens of colleges closed abruptly in recent years — and efforts to protect students have failed  
In Minnesota, for instance, officials from the state’s Office of Higher Education retrieved physical copies of student records from Argosy’s Twin Cities campus and stored them in case students needed them.