Haberlerde Revenue

Örnek kollokasyonlar

annual revenue Yıllık gelir
revenue division Gelir bölümü
revenue service Gelir servisi
source of revenue Gelir kaynağı
tax revenue Vergi geliri

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The Guardian
· Apocalypse no more: has coronavirus killed our appetite for disturbing stories?  
What will likely happen is that, as commissioners scramble to provide comfort-viewing on dwindling ad revenue, more adventurous work simply won’t get made.
Seeking Alpha
· Apple TV+: Think About It Differently  
Even if all current users were to become paying subscribers at $4.99 per month, which they certainly will not, the annual recurring revenue generated would reach only $2 billion.
The Age
· Google downplays news value in fight over $1bn compensation fund  
Ms Silva said these figures were based on the idea that news accounts for 10 per cent of queries and generates 10 per cent of gross Australia revenues.
Seeking Alpha
· Campbell Soup Maintaining Upward Trend Despite Global Recession  
Earnings are expected to increase over the third quarter of last year while the revenue is expected to decline.
Seeking Alpha
· Are space ETFs ready for blastoff?  
The revenue generated by the global space industry may increase to more than $1T by 2040, according to Morgan Stanley, while BofA estimates the sector will grow to $3T by that time.
The Age
· Soccer legends propose FFA dump Foxtel for Netflix-style service  
The proposal is part of a road map for broadcasting and revenue generation drawn up by the 'golden generation', a lobby group headed by stars from the Socceroos' most successful era including former captains Mark Viduka, Craig Moore and Lucas Neill.
Seeking Alpha
· Ternium S.A.: Dividend Suspension May Lead Us To Lighten Up Position  
Although, for example, volumes increased sequentially in the first quarter, revenue decreased by 2% per ton.
The Age
· Rugby Australia cost-cutting to begin after auditors sign off books  
There were fears RA may be forced to declare itself insolvent during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, having been crippled by the loss of broadcast revenue and gate takings, along with Israel Folau's multi-million payout.
Seeking Alpha
· V&M Breakouts: Top Growth And Dividend Mega Cap Stocks For June 2020  
Ameriprise Financial delivered a strong Q1 earnings and revenue beat on May 6th and is likely to continue higher with strong net inflows and very positive investor sentiment.
The Age
· 'It's a real loss': Gippsland rocked by local newspaper closures  
Mr Giles said among the body blows to local papers was the leakage of revenue to social media.