“Revoke” in the news

Publications and example sentences

The Independent
· Wiley’s MBE is under review after antisemitic rant, Cabinet Office confirms  
Calls to revoke rapper’s MBE came amid public backlash to antisemitic tweets
· Iowa GOP Gov. Reynolds signs order restoring felon voting rights  
After recent changes in Kentucky, Virginia and Florida, Iowa was left as the only state with broad constitutional language that revoked felons’ voting rights.
Malay Mail
· Perak Umno expects straight fight in upcoming Slim by-election  
Ahmad Faizal, who is also the Perak Mentri Besar, reminded Bersatu members not to associate themselves with the Bersatu Blackout to avoid their membership from being revoked.
The Guardian
· Modi's acolytes have reminded India's Muslims just what he thinks of them  
Returning triumphantly to the heart of the very empire that denied him a diplomatic visa and revoked his tourist visa for an anti-Muslim pogrom carried out while he was chief minister in Gujarat in 2002, Modi’s presence at Madison Square Garden sparked off the rapturous belligerence of 20,000 supporters.
Al Jazeera
· Sri Lanka counts votes from parliamentary elections  
Gaining more than 150 seats in total would allow Rajapaksa to enact constitutional changes, and potentially revoke the country's 19th constitutional amendment, a long-standing campaign promise from last year.
The Age
· Groundbreaking on Hindu temple proof Modi is transforming India  
Exactly a year ago, he revoked the semi-autonomy granted to Kashmir, India's only Muslim-majority region, breaking with seven decades of Indian policy.
Financial Express
· Why TRAI need not interfere with BARC structure  
When this news reached the government’s ears, it was forced to revoke the reward program, prompting cobra breeders to set the worthless snakes free.
Washington Post
· Benettons and TCI Battle Italian Interventionism  
It was wants to take control of Autostrade and has threatened to revoke its highways concession if the company doesn’t comply, changing the law to reduce the cancellation payment due.
The Thaiger
· Panel says Vorayuth warrant still stands  
The court therefore asked police to withdraw their request, which they eventually did, according to Vicha, who added that especially since the Office of the Attorney General has announced new evidence in the case and that a fresh probe is likely to be ordered, “the warrant should not be revoked.”