“Rhetoric” in the news

Publications and example sentences

The Age
· Victoria's move to a tougher lockdown is devastating but necessary  
For much of this pandemic, the government rhetoric was about calibrating the restrictions to ensure as many people as possible stayed working while a lid was kept on the virus.
Washington Post
· Stop worrying about protecting ‘taxpayers.’ That isn’t the government’s job.  
Both the rhetoric of the besieged taxpayer and of wasteful and immoral spending programs were amplified during the Civil Rights era.
The New Republic
· The Cyclical Psychology of White Supremacy  
The “mysticism” of her rhetoric is not just fascistic but also aspirational, almost Instagrammable—her ideal woman is white, of course, but also in touch with her soul.
The Atlantic
· How the Pandemic Defeated America  
And Americans who bought into his rhetoric of xenophobia and isolationism were going to be especially susceptible to thinking that simple entry controls were a panacea.
· 26 Vogue Editors in Chief on the Images That Bring Them Hope in 2020  
Back in the 1970s, in the late Soviet Union, he became famous for works that combined the rhetoric of the Soviet poster and landscape painting, and now, living in Paris, remains one of the most famous and expensive Russian artists.
The Independent
· John Oliver condemns ‘shockingly reckless’ Trump over coronavirus misinformation  
“Just a week after Trump was given credit for shifting his rhetoric by urging Americans to wear masks, he did something that even for him was shockingly reckless.”
The Guardian
· Jamie Oliver on fame, failure and fighting obesity: 'I'm actually quite shy. I don't like a ruck'  
“If you look at rhetoric around business and trade, it’s a lot of what seem like perfectly decent people saying the right things, disarming you, assuring you, and what’s really going on, the public doesn’t notice.
The New York Times
· Your Monday Briefing  
I have a long list of names of people who wouldn’t talk to me because I work for The New York Times, portrayed in Chinese state media as the source of “smears and lies.” Sources I’ve interviewed privately are later threatened by the local police, while stridently nationalist rhetoric dominates the state media.
The Guardian
· AFL dishes out fines for Covid-19 breaches but they represent no more than a slap on the wrist  
It left Buckley and Brenton Sanderson with little choice but to pick up the tab for the non-suspended part of the club’s fine – something the Cotchin family should also do – but it also betrayed a level of hypocrisy in McGuire’s do-what-I-say-not-what-I-do rhetoric.