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Seeking Alpha
· Huami Radiates Deep-Value Aura  
Trump to tone down his rhetoric.
The Guardian
· Bulldozer tactics see NRL win Australia's race to return first  
Both feared and revered in equal parts, the ARLC chairman is a belligerent populist whose brand of working class fire-and-brimstone rhetoric and results-first ethos has positioned rugby league as the frontrunner through sheer force of will – and him as the most powerful man in Australian sport.
The Guardian
· House music: classical critics' watching and listening picks  
This single poem was recognised as being so important that, in 1942, the RAF dropped copies to the resistance in France, a symbolic gesture of fraternité and egalité that seems a world away from today’s insular rhetoric.
The Guardian
· Jair Bolsonaro under pressure after Trump bans flights from Brazil  
“People try to make this about diplomacy but ultimately it is just a very, very sad indictment of the Covid policies really in both countries – because Bolsonaro has clearly been imitating both the actions and the rhetoric of the Untied States.”
Seeking Alpha
· The Week Ahead  
Leaving aside the rhetoric, the US is threatening to sanction individual Chinese officials for human rights violations, and the Senate passed a bill that could force many Chinese companies to delist from the US exchanges (notably, the NASDAQ).
· The coronavirus is threatening diversity in academia  
“These programs are crucial in diversifying campuses and not surprisingly, they serve marginalized populations at a higher rate than other departments so when we target them for elimination, we're showing that what we articulate in terms of diversity and inclusion is simply just a matter of rhetoric and doesn’t hold true in our day to day actions.”
The New York Times
· Donald Trump, Joe Biden and the Vote of the Irish  
It was puzzling to watch the barflies buzz about Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric — a drawbridge mentality from a crowd whose lineage had been met with “Irish Need Not Apply” signs.
The Guardian
· Lockdown gives asylum seekers reprieve and hope for change in policy  
“What has happened in a really short space of time with Covid-19 is the undoing of decades of rhetoric that said ‘we can’t possibly do that’ – the stopping of reporting, the hundreds of people being released, the extending of visas,” says Karen Doyle, from national organisation Movement for Justice.
The Guardian
· Australia unnecessarily exposed itself to Beijing's fury, but relying on the US now is risky  
The call for the inquiry was announced by Payne last month in an interview on ABC’s Insiders in which she appeared to blame China and the World Health Organization – a position that seemed to echo the White House’s increasingly strident rhetoric.
· Beijing says U.S. should give up "wishful thinking" of changing China  
The big picture: It's unlikely that the Trump administration will ease up on its hawkish rhetoric against China, whose authoritarian turn has caused Americans' views of the country to darken dramatically.