“Right” in the news

Example collocations

own right
right bank
right hand
right side
right wing

Publications and example sentences

The Independent
· No 10 says it 'had not noticed' daily testing figure has disappeared for several days in a row  
Asked if the target would be hit, he replied: “Yes, that’s right.
Seeking Alpha
· Enterprise Products Partners - A +9% Yield From A Best In Breed Midstream  
We can't pass up this near 10% yielding firm that has every right to be viewed as the model for reliability and strength in the MLP space.
The New York Times
· A New Thing to Fight About: Virus Risks  
It’s also impossible to find the “right” answer since there’s so much scientists still don’t know.
Seeking Alpha
· AT&T: Do Not Let The Yield Fool You  
If you like a company limited by debt and wish to take your chances, then T might be right for you.
The New York Times
· Experts Fear Increase in Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders  
Without clear right answers, the mental load of these decisions defaults to mothers.
The Guardian
· George Floyd killing: sister says police officers should be charged with murder  
On Wednesday morning civil rights lawyer Ben Crump spoke alongside Floyd’s sister Bridget and said that a lot of additional video footage, “which hasn’t been seen yet” by the public or the authorities, had been sent to him from other bystanders and from business surveillance cameras in the area of the intersection where Floyd was being arrested.
Seeking Alpha
· Lennar's Foundation Is Solid For A Return To Growth  
A put gives someone the right, but not the obligation to sell a stock at a set price for a set period of time.
Financial Express
· Swiggy to offer credit to restaurants for raw materials under new scheme Staples Plus  
“We don’t have anything to share on this right now,” a Swiggy official told Financial Express Online.
The Independent
· I have not lost faith in the good work that so many MPs do – especially those who are faced with abuse  
Come, joins us in laughing at the chief clown as he leads (if that is the right word) his ragamuffin troop of intellectual halfwits.