Haberlerde Riot

Örnek kollokasyonlar

race riot Irk isyanı
riot broke Isyan kırıldı
riot control Isyan kontrolü
riot gear Isyan dişlisi
riot police Çevik kuvvet polisi

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The Guardian
· Sonic Youth: where to start in their back catalogue  
If you get from the perfect Teen Age Riot to the powerful Kissability without hearing Sonic Youth’s fundamental songwriting prowess, start again.
The Age
· As it happened: Return to lockdown 'highly unlikely'; just six new cases nationwide  
Surprised staff at Chatham Primary stepped over a riot of chalk-drawn love hearts and rainbows on their way through the school gates on Monday.
The China Post
· Global shares rise on hopes for economies’ gradual reopening  
“With more riots in the street amid the knockdown effects of COVID-19 and a possible exodus of jobs from the city’s financial center, surely things will get much worse before better,” Stephen Innes of AxiCorp said in a commentary.
The Age
· Hong Kong protests escalate  
A pro-democracy supporter is detained by riot police during an anti-government rally in Hong Kong, China.
The Guardian
· What else happened as coronavirus swept the globe  
The riots and killings contributed to growing unease about the kind of India that may emerge from Modi’s years in power.
The New York Times
· The Cost of Rushing Back to Sports: A Star’s Life  
On one occasion, he was said to have attacked two Toronto players at the same time and caused a riot.
Hong Kong Free Press
· ‘Double standards and hypocrisy’: Hong Kong gov’t rebukes foreign criticism over national security law plan  
“Facing the riots and extreme separation forces of ‘Hong Kong independence’ stemmed from the social incidents against the extradition bill, police deeply realised that Hong Kong is at the risk point of national security and there is a need to take effective measures to prevent the situation from deteriorating,” Tang said.
The Guardian
· Country diary: the wonder of May's mossy, messy alchemy  
In this world below, it is a riot of life and dereliction.